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Emerging applications require technologies that provide high data rate capabilities and reliability, as well as ease of deployment and flexibility. High density, rapid deployment, and certified systems are key priorities in mission critical network applications.


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Fiber Optics Network Design

This is a new network architectures developed to reduce the cost of installing high bandwidth services to the home Most FTTH systems are "triple play" systems offering voice (telephone), video (TV) and data (Internet access.)

To provide all three services over one fiber, signals are sent bidirectional over a single fiber using three separate wavelengths of light FTTH Operates on PON (Passive Optical Network) Three different protocols are in use today, BPON, is the most popular, while EPON is used in some countries and GPON is predicted to become more popular in the future FTTH ARCHITECTURE


MAN Metropolitan Area Network is a type of network larger than LAN but smaller than WAN, it is characterized by high-speed connection which only fiber cable can handle. because of the required bandwidth .
This network architecture interconnect local area networks at various sites in a given region.
Considering the geographic stretch of the interconnected LANS, Optical Fiber is well-suited to the Transmission of both Data and voice over such a network


The connection of telecom cell sites and major switches from city to city run on a backbone fiber cable to transmit telephone signals, Internet communication, and cable television signals.
The use of copper and microwave technologies is gradually paving way for fiber cable Due to much lower attenuation and interference. Since 1990, the telecommunications industry has laid a vast network of intercity and transoceanic fiber communication lines. By 2002, an intercontinental network of 250,000 km of submarine communications cable with a capacity of 2.56Tb/s was completed.


The biggest advantage of optical fiber is the fact it can transport more information longer distances in less time than any other communications medium. While UTP copper has dominated premises cabling, fiber optics has become increasingly popular as computer network speeds have risen to the gigabit range and above. Most large corporate or industrial networks use fiber optics for the LAN backbone cabling.
Some have also adopted fiber to the desktop using a centralized fiber architecture which can be quite cost effective. Even fiber to the home architectures are being used in premises networks.


For departmental networks to intercommunicate with other networks, the departmental network must connect to the cable plants. The fiber cable is commonly installed in a physical ring, where a segment of cable is used to connect each building to its neighbors on the ring. Each building, therefore, has two segments, one which connects to the "left-hand" neighbor and one which connects to the "right-hand" neighbor through their fiber cable patch panels. With the aid of media converters each building switch connect to the optical network


Industrial Manufacturing LAN Network Design Using Fiber optics


The main factors that should prompt the installer to consider the use of fiber optic transmission in a CCTV system:
long cable runs several or more cables can run in parallel narrow cable shaft industrial environment, electromagnetic interference possibility of surges, over voltages Risk of dampness.



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We are driven to provide our clients with a complete and extremely cost effective support for various classes of telecom projects

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